Raccoon Valley Sportsman Club


Gun Range Rules –   Think Safety   -  Shoot Safely

1.     Only current members are permitted to use the Range Areas or facility. Members are allowed to have guests on the grounds, but guests are not allowed to shoot at any of the ranges.

2.     Unaccompanied non-members are trespassers and are subject to prosecution.

3.     Non Members are only permitted to use the facility during organized Club shooting events with club members in attendance.

4.     Only designated range areas to be used for any shooting that is done. The handgun range is for handguns only with standard handgun calibers. No short-barreled rifles are allowed on the handgun range.

5.     Hearing & Vision protection is to be worn by all people involved in shooting activities or in designated range areas during shooting.

6.     No alcohol to be consumed before or during any shooting activities. No controlled substances allowed on the premises at any time.

7.     Shooting hours are sunrise to sunset, and available every day of the week.

8.     NO hunting or shooting of any animal on the club grounds.

9.     All shooting must be accomplished in a safe and responsible manner. Safety and common sense must be practiced at all times.
​ A.   Always keep a gun pointed in a safe direction.
B.   Always be sure of your target and what is beyond it.
C. Always keep the gun unloaded until ready to use with breach open.
D. Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot. E. Do not Shoot Buildings, structures, service poles, berm structure poles, shooting benches, tables, or trees.

10.  No Glass Bottles or other glass objects may be used for targets. Anyone using cans, boxes, or junk, for targets will clean up their mess.

11.  The shooter is responsible for cleaning up brass, targets, etc., in their area after shooting.

12.  Shooting areas closed when the Club House and grounds are rented. Closures will be posted on the Club's Facebook page.

13.  Be respectful of other shooters.  


Updated and approved by the Club Officers, February 20, 2024